Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There is a secret sun inside my chest
It revolves underneath the parts of me you cannot see
Spinning aimlessly throughout my body
Narrowly missing the organs beating
The parts of me that do their job to keep me going
The heart that shares the space inside me
Over the years has become its moon
Crooning its lullaby to affect the never ebbing tide of emotions that follow

It is the space between these precious things that matters
Revolving in loves elliptical pattern
Growing and shrinking
Rising and falling, only to rediscover that loves great gravity binds all things together
Even you
Even me
This secret sun never sets
Never sleeps
Never knows that one day I will end
It does not care that I have already whispered your name to the universe
It only knows that it must burn
Giving birth to the stars that find their way onto the page
Shedding light on the parts of me that get lost in the
Winding softly to
The parts I thought were lost,
welcoming me again in the soft warm light of perpetually daybreak
that surrounds the soul inside me

there is a secret sun inside my chest
it shines for those who are willing to see
that it knows the secret sun in you
tumbling towards the space between us
falling at loves own immaculate pace
finally colliding
forming a certain secret silent heaven
giving birth to
a universe
between us


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